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We are an international consulting company and offer consulting and office services for your business steps into Germany and further EU countries. We specialize in helping companies from China, Southeast Asia and Latin America to set foot into Germany and expand into the EU market.

Business Location Germany – Southern Germany is the power house of Europe

The advantage is evident - Germany is the largest and strongest economy in Europe.  The combination of these two key factors has a compelling attraction for businesses from overseas to establish their European operation here. Germany offers one of the world’s top ranked infrastructures in logistics and IT as well as a stable and transparent legal system and a highly qualified workforce. Southern Germany in particular provides an excellent hub for doing business in Central and Southern Europe.

Bavaria alone generates a GDP, which is higher than that of 20 out of the 27 EU-Member States. Especially the area of Greater Munich ranks high among the most attractive business locations in Europe. 

More and more companies from Asia and Latin America consider establishing a subsidiary or own company in Germany for strategic reasons or for doing business throughout the EU. However, to most overseas business owners and managers, the German legal and administrative requirements present a real challenge, especially when they do not speak the language and are mostly outside Germany.  

This is the point where our service kicks in: We are your „One-stop-shop“when you enter the German and EU market. We offer a comprehensive range of services to assist and support you in your undertaking.

Expansion from Europe to China and Latin America

Many SMEs from southern Germany and neighboring regions find themselves faced with the question

Should, could or must we look for new markets?

If you have such or similar thoughts but have limited time and capacity resources and lack international know-how, we may be the right partner for you. We have long-term experience in international business development, access to international professional networks worldwide and language skills.

We are a consulting company and can help you to develop a strategy roadmap for your international expansion. Ten years of experience in China set the focus on expanding into China, which still offers good potential for SMEs. Key to success is a good preparation both in the domestic head office and in China. It is our core competence to assist you in developing the process for success.