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About Us

Why Hemera International GmbH:

The Concept

For the past 15 years, our core business as international consultants for global business expansion has been the development of new markets and locations for our clients within and outside the EU, from southern and eastern Europe to Latin America, Hong Kong and China.  In the process we often had to invest considerable amounts of time and energy to achieve the goals for our clients.

We documented all our experiences and lessons learned from our continuous striving for process and efficiency increase. Those findings have led to a „Best-Practice-Matrix“, which offers everything we had wished to find on site when entering a new country to our international clients.

At the end of 2012 the decision was made to offer that “Best-Practice-Matrix“ as Corporate Services also to clients from outside Europe who want to establish an operation in Germany.

The „One-Stop-Shop“

We serve as your point of reference for anything you need. Many issues we handle directly ourselves, for special services, such as legal, tax or auditing, we offer a network of competent experts to our clients.

Working in an international setting has been our life for decades and we are very familiar with the effect that cultural differences have on business behavior, negotiations, personal relationships and trust.  

We ourselves speak our clients’ languages.  

Over the past three years we have helped our clients to set up companies in Germany, from collecting information on specific requirements for their business to forming the company, starting operation, providing various office packages and office management.