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Consulting Services

Consulting services for company formation  

We provide consulting services for your company formation, which type of set-up is the best suited for your products or services and to your business model in Germany. To do so we need to know your goal and strategy.

One of your considerations may be a „representative office“, which however does not exist as such in the German company law.  You may either establish a subsidiary of the foreign parent company or hire an individual professional or contract a German company to distribute your products in Germany.

The by far most widespread type of company in Germany is a GmbH (private limited company), which requires a share capital of Euro 25.000,- . The requirements for establishing such a GmbH are:

  • Contract of the company
  • Notary protocol  about the formation of the company, which will be sent to the local court
  • The company  is entered into the company registry
  • Share capital must be paid to the company’s bank account
  • Once the registration has taken effect, the foreign national (share holder) may apply for a residence permit in Germany
  • Before starting operations, the company needs to register with the local trade office
  • Membership with the Chamber for Industry and Trade is mandatory and will happen automatically
  • Then the tax authorities will issue the company‘s tax number
  • Application for VAT number may be filed  

More information on this and alternative types of companies is available upon request.

Important to know

For Non-EU nationals the provisions of the German visa requirements must be observed. Those vary depending on your country of citizenship, for more detailed information you may check:   www.auswaertiges-amt.de/EN

The general procedure is the following: once the company is registered in the German Commercial Registry, the foreign national may apply for a residence permit with the authorities, who in turn will examine the application and may grant permission if all requirements are met.  

Consulting and management services for market entry and strategy


We assist you in developing your strategy for market entry and positioning of your products/services in Germany and more EU-countries. We analyze the German and other European markets for your products/services. Together with you we identify a suitable distribution system and support you in your market launch.  

We readily take on the project management on your behalf and work as interim manager in your German operation.  

Partner search

We identify and assess the partners you need for distribution and other fields of cooperation in Germany and more EU-countries.

Personnel consulting

We support you in searching and selecting qualified and suitable employees, both from our own contacts and data base but also with network of partners.