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Expansion Services to China

We offer consulting services for German/European companies who consider or plan or are already in the process of expanding into China or just sourcing from China or Latin America.

Should we venture into China or maybe to the new markets in Latin America?

You have a great product and would like to expand to new markets but are not sure how and where to. Before you take the next step we would advise you to make sure certain criteria are met. The domestic strategy and the commitment for expansion should be clearly defined. Then market analysis needs to be carried out and possible entry strategies examined.

What can we do for you?

  • We analyze your current strategic focus
  • We evaluate the market potential for your product in your target market – China or Latin America
  • We develop measures to test the market, such as participating in trade fairs
  • We identify potential partners in your target country

Consulting for international expansion

We support you in your considerations on whether you should, could or even need to expand into new markets. We help you to align your expectations with the actual market situation in your target country.

We provide assistance and expertise to you and your team throughout the entire process from the gathering of information, over preparation to making the decision. Together with our partners in China we assist you in on site in every aspect you need.

Consulting for communication und negotiations with Chinese partners

Our services would ideally start before you enter negotiations or any communication with Chinese partners. Being well prepared is likely to save you time-consuming and costly misunderstandings and you will be able to better interpret your future partner’s behavior.

In China terms and concepts such as quality, time, and loyalty und losing face have a dimension, which is largely unknown and thus misinterpreted by central Europeans. More often than not this leads to severe differences and even controversies, which can be reduced or even avoided by preparation.